Measure Blinds For A Square Bay Window

Measuring guide for square bay windows.
Our roman blind headrails protrude by 43mm from the face of your window frame.
Front blind: Measure along line A (this will be the front blind) in three places and take the smallest measurement. Look out for things which may interfere with your blinds installation such as vents or window handles. Deduct 86mm from this size and make a note of it. Now measure the drop, this would be taken from the top of the window frame or a flat surface above the window which would be suitable for fixing your roman blinds to. If you have handles or vents which protrude more than 40mm you can fix your blinds o the ceiling, we s

Side Blinds: Measure from the face of the window frame (B and C) to the outside edge of the blind, this may be the outer edge of your window frame, or constrained by a wall or reveal. Deduct 43mm (depth of the front blind and any adjustment for window handles along the front. Example, distance B is 500mm, less 43mm (front blind) less 45mm for window handles or vents along the front equals 500 - 43 - 45 = 412mm. This would be then ordered as recess size. Do the same for both sides B and C.
Drop. Measure the drop from your chosen fixing point at different intervals around the whole bay window. Take the smallest drop and enter that as the drop for all your blinds. If you have a significant difference from one side to the other you can order your blinds to suit the differing drops. We will manufacture your blinds so the pattern matches along the top, blinds we differing drops will not match at the bottom, hence of the variation is small it is better to order them all the same drop.

If you require more help, e-mail us some pictures of your bay window, we can mark on the photographs exactly where to take measurements from.